Saturdays 12.00-15.00

Brisket 195;- Bacon 175;- Avocado 185;-
2 poached eggs with spicy hollandaise, sweet onion, pico de gallo and butter fried bread

Avocado toast 185;-
With smoked mushrooms, fried egg, cheddar, mayo and sweet onion served with a side salad

BLT Sandwich 169;-
Tomato, lettuce, chicken, cheddar, bacon and mayo served with a side salad

Brisket sub 189;-
Brisket, mix slaw, kimchi mayo, pico de gallo, cheese blend and pickled chili

Chicken n waffle 175;-
Classic chicken n waffle served with pickles, sweet onion, hot sauce and maple

Tuna steak salad 225;-
Tuna steak with lettuce, green onion, kimchi mayo, radish, avokado, baked tomatoes and sesame seeds

Blueberry pancakes short stack 135;-/tall stack 175;-
Served with maple and vanilla ice cream

The classic pancakes short stack 125;-/tall stack 165;-
Served with maple and butter

Passionfruit pannacotta 135;-
topped with fruit salsa and roasted white chocolate


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  4. Sun Closed