Mon-Sat 16:00-22:00

Dips n´sides

  • 50:-
    Fresh guacamole
  • 35:-
    Queso dip
  • 25:-
  • 25:-
    Hot sauce
  • 20:-
  • 20:-
    Sour Cream
  • 25:-
    Cowboy from hell

    xxxtra hot!!!

  • 25:-
    Chipotle mayo
  • 25 ;-
    BBQ mayo
  • 25 ;-
    Blue cheese ranch
  • 25 ;
    Honey mustard
  • 25;-
    Lime aioli
  • 35;-
  • 45;-
    Sweet fries
  • 65;-
    Halloumi fries
  • 45;-
    Side salad
  • 55;-
    Fresh tortilla chips


  • 55:-
    Irish nachos

    Fries with melted cheddar, sweet onion and jalapeños

  • 85:-
    Nachos con amor

    melted cheddar, jalapeños, sweet onion, bell pepper and pico de gallo.

  • 165;-
    Ultimate nacho platter

    Melted cheddar, jalapeños, bell pepper, pico de gallo, sweet onion, guacamole, pulled brisket and sourcream

  • 155;-
    Brisket Bob

    Pulled brisket topped with melted cheddar, guacamole, pico de gallo and sour cream served with nachos on the side

Smaller dishes

...to share or keep for yourself!

  • 125;-

    Filled with cheese and brisket, served with sourcream and pico de gallo

  • 145;-
    Smoked shrimps

    Served with bread and lime aioli

  • 135;-

    Filled with our classic cheese blend and halloumi served with quesodip and pico de gallo

  • Three way texas wings

    Choose either one or mix em all!
    -Honey mustard
    all served with celery, radish and blue cheese dip
    5pcs 135;- 10pcs 245;- 15pcs 305;-

Something bigger

  • 249;-

    Ceviche with tuna, watermelon, queso fresco and coriander n lime dressing

  • 265;-
    Tuna steak salad

    Mixed salad, pico de gallo, sweet onion, avocado, coriander n lime dressing

  • 235;-
    Chicken n waffle

    Southern style fried chicken with waffle, pickles, watermelon, maple and hot sauce

  • 195;-
    Keep austin normal burger

    With bourbon bacon, onion, pickles, chipotle mayo, tomato, lettuce, cheddar and served with fries

  • 85;-/165;-
    Willie's baked mac n´cheese

    With our classic cheese blend
    add brisket 45;-

From the smoker

  • 349:- for one / 640:- for two
    All in BBQ

    Brisket, bbq wings and ribs served with pickles, sweet onion, coleslaw, watermelon bbq sauce, hot sauce and bread

  • 265 ;-
    Brisket plate

    Brisket served with watermelon, pickles, sweet onion, coleslaw, bbq sauce, hot sauce and bread

  • 245;-
    BBQ Ribs

    Ribs with pickles, sweet onion, coleslaw, watermelon, bbq sauce, hot sauce and bread

  • 225;-
    Brisket sandwich

    Pulled brisket with sauerkraut, bbq mayo, mustard, pickles and fries


  • 105:-

    Marshmallows and peanutbutter in a sweet toast served with chocolate sauce

  • 105;-
    Makes my chimichanga go bananas!

    Banana chimichanga filled with chocolate served with vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche and cinnamon

  • 75;-
    Ice cream or sorbet of the day

    Topped with dulce or chocolate sauce

  • 45;-
    Watermelon plate

For the kids!

  • 125:-

    90g beef burger with lettucce, tomato and onion served with fries.

  • 125;-

    Filled with cheese and served with nachos or fries

  • 125 ;-
    Hot dog chimichangas

    Served with nachos or fries

  • 125;-
    Fried chicken

    Deep fried chicken with mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles and fries

  • 125;-
    BBQ Wings

    Served with fries and bbq sauce


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