Mon-Fri 11-14


Schnitzel burger with cheese, sweet onion and pickles served with fries

Cod loin with celeriac puré, browned hazelnut butter, lemon, fennel and apples


Schnitzel potato salad, mustard, pickles and pickled red onion

Poached haddock with white wine sauce, potatoes, shrimps and radishes


Pork belly served in a sub with pickles, parsley, cheddar and bacon marmalade

Seafood tacos with curdito, kimchi mayo, fried onion and grilled lime


Veal steak with roasted garlic mash, bourbon pepper gravy and pickles

Fish n chips with tartar sauce, mashed green peas and lemon


Smoked chicken with browned butter bearnaise, roasted potatoes and burnt sherry tomatoes

Plaice roulades filled with a shrimp mousse, served with crushed potatoes and creamy lobster sauce

Burger of the week

Cheese burger with sweet onion, pickles and bacon marmelade served with herb and parmesan fries

Salad of the week

Taco salad with minced meat, roasted corn, lettuce, tomatoes, sweet onion, jalapeño, sour cream and cheese


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