Mon-Fri 11-14

Burger of the week

Tess the mess! With sweet onion, tomato, bacon, coleslaw, nachos served with fries

Salad of the week

Greek salad with feta cheese, cucumber, tomato, kalamata olives, red onion and herb vinegrette


Schnitzel with forrest mushroom gravy and fried potatoes

Spicy "skagen" rolls served with a side salad


BBQ pork butt with coleslaw, herb butter and roasted potatoes

Shrimp fajita with chipotle mayo and hot sauce


Duck leg confit smoked and served with creamy bourbon gravy, green beans and roasted sweet potatoes

Cajun fish stew served with rice and topped with marinated shrimps


Half smoked chicken with beer boiled pork onion, gravy and fried potatoes

Moule frites with chorizo boiled mussels served with parsley fries


Steak minute with tomato salad, fries and butter bearnaise

Blackened salmon with sweet potato aioli, roasted vegetables and lemon


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  2. Sat
  3. Sun Closed